HSA seeks to help meet health care needs in our neighbouring countries of Asia, the Pacific and Africa where there are scarce health resources or there is poor access to health facilities.

Our Christmas Appeal 2016 is to support the Muko Clinic Birthing Unit in Uganda - see information flyer.    

It aims to develop sustainable health programmes that will improve the total health and wellbeing of communities. HSA aims to help build a community's capacity for meeting its own health needs through partnership with community groups in projects that involve:

  • Health education of school teachers, students and community leaders
  • Training of all kinds of health workers with an emphasis on community health
  • Post graduate training and professional development of health graduates through in-service courses, and strategic selection of graduates for scholarships in post graduate formal studies
  • The provision of multimedia resources for health education, and training of all kinds of health workers
  • Community health development in dentistry, rural community health clinics, special units in hospitals where patients have a lack of access to such facilities

It also works in partnership with other international organisations, complementing their strengths with health resources. It has a special relationship with the largest group of Christian health professionals in Australia, the Christian Medical and Dental Fellowship of Australia (CMDFA) through which it was established. Many of the CMDFA members have worked for a number of years overseas in health work.

Our motto is:  "Partnering with Christian compassion; building local capacity to meet health needs"

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Muko Birthing Unit Appeal