Orison Medical Centre Project in Obbo, Magwi County, South Sudan.



South Sudan has been severely devastated by civil war for over 21 years before gaining independence from Sudan in 2011. Since this time, the South Sudanese diaspora have gradually been returning to their homeland. Many starting their lives afresh and struggling to survive without basic services such as health care. Health is one of the fundamental rights of every human being without distinction of economic or social condition, race, religion and political belief. Unfortunately, people in South Sudan have extremely poor access to health care. South Sudan has the highest maternal mortality rate in the world. In addition, South Sudan is prone to diseases, such as meningitis, measles, yellow fever, whooping cough and Malaria, these are endemic in many areas. The population of Obbo face these daily. Sadly, the Obbo community do not have access to timely lifesaving health care services.


The Solution:

Medical Centre needs to be constructed in Obbo at a location where a borehole can be established to meet the health needs of the community and save lives. Fortunately, a piece of land has been allocated for this project and bricks making for the construction is in progress. The project will be done in three different stages and funds can be raised accordingly; First stage include; drilling of a borehole. This phase is estimated to cost approximately $10,500.


Orison Medical Centre project is the initiative of African Action South Sudan co-founded by Medina and George, South Sudanese born, both are now Australian Citizen with their six children residing in Victoria, West Gippsland Region. African Action South Sudan was established in South Sudan in 2013, it has been operating in association with and under the auspices of African Action International incorporated Australia and now partnering with Healthserve Australia.

 “This Medical Centre project is called Orison meaning “a prayer” because this Medical Centre project is my prayer and the prayers of many people in Obbo, South Sudan. When I visited Obbo in December 2019 for about 5 weeks, many local women narrated their stories of dismay during the perinatal period, how they lost their babies and how some women did not survive pregnancy. Before visiting Obbo, when I heard about the horrible news of maternal mortality and high rate of suicide in the area, I knew such issues need medical intervention. Even now, after visiting Obbo, I strongly believe for Maternity Ward, thus medical Centre to be constructed and functional. Health is paramount, together we can improve health care where it is lacking,” said Medina (Registered Midwife/Nurse).


Progress update (20/3/24): Orison Medical Centre Project, South Sudan

The borehole we were fundraising for as part of the first step in undertaking this significant project has been paid for and installed thanks to the generous efforts of many. The site (and local community now have access to clean water). A partnering organisation has additionally contributed funds meaning stage 1 of the foundational building costs have been covered.

Now, as we look to the horizon, our next challenge awaits. Health Serve Australia is stepping into the next phase of our mission: raising $20,000 to construct the frame for the medical centre. This endeavour isn't just about the physical structure—it's about building hope, health, and resilience in the heart of the community. The funds will ensure that we have the materials, labor, and transport needed to bring this vision to life. It's an invitation to be part of something bigger, to weave our stories and strengths together in building a better world.





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