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To develop sustainable health programmes that will improve the total health and wellbeing of communities. HSA aims to help build a community's capacity for meeting its own health needs through partnership with community groups in projects.


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Hear from our Program Partners



In the Central Asian nation of Kyrgyzstan, more than one third of children born with cerebral palsy (CP) will develop dyskinetic CP, a condition that causes irreversible brain damage and a lifelong movement disorder. 

It’s estimated that the incidence of this condition is 3-4 times higher in Kyrgyzstan than Australia, affecting hundreds of infants each year. 

But this condition is entirely preventable.


HealthServe is partnering with Dr Nick Woolfield of the Scientific Technology and Language Institute, who’s worked in the region since 2013, to produce phototherapy units—a low cost, highly effective treatment for children with this condition.

However, we must act quickly.

“The need is to provide funds,” says Dr Woolfield. “The sooner we can get these phototherapy units made and distributed, the sooner this will start to have an impact on reducing the number of children who are disabled.”

“We are limited by time,” says Dr Woolfield. “We’re hoping to make another 250 units this year and into next year. But once it gets cold in November, it’s too hard to work outside.

“If we can raise enough money, we will have a substantial impact across the country over the coming years. We just need your support to do it.”


Watch this presentation by Dr Nick Woolfield for an in-depth look at the need and the solution:






kyrgyzstan 3kyrgyzstan 3kyrgyzstan 3

Images courtesy ©UNICEF Kyrgyzstan/2017/Asel Obozova


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