Thanks in part to the generosity of the HealthServe Australia community and our Tanna Island Emergency Appeal, there is now an established water supply for the neighbouring towns of Lounanpakel and Lowenpina on Tanna Island, Vanuatu.

Read the update from our partners at Bridging Health:

"Pastor Samuel from Lowenpina Village was very happy to receive a 6000 litre water tank, and corrugated iron and other supplies (all sponsored by HealthServe Australia) to provide greater water security, especially in times of disaster recovery to this far north Tanna community. Each day a group of men from Lowenpina all walk more than a kilometer with 20 litre water containers and carry the water back to their village up an extremely steep mountainside."

See below for pictures of the water spring, as well as the water tank that has been delivered, thanks to you!

"It is a slow seeping natural spring. It took us a long while of staring into the well to grasp that this is the well the men from Lowenpina have been coming to each day to collect water. It must have taken a very long time to just fill their containers, let alone carry them back up the hillside."

"Please extend our thanks to those that made it possible for local water supply to be established."

"And Bridging Health assessed the water tank at Lounapakel and have supplied the missing parts needed to repair their water tank to fully functioning again. In Louanpakel, it cost us less than $50 in parts to see the water tank harvesting water from the roof again. They are very happy too."

"We thank HealthServe Australia for your compassion and generosity towards the communities of Tanna."


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